Brooklyn, We Go Hard

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Yesterday was my third week being back in New York and so much has happened already! I’ve paid visits to old haunts, roamed the West Village, trailed through amazing vintage shops, attended press events and shopped in SoHo, but most importantly I’ve discovered my new neighborhood in South Williamsburg. I’ve found my new local, Trophy, that serves the best drinks (and the best guac & chips at 2am), a new brunching spot, Le Barricou on Grand Street, a delicious Sushi joint that does $5 coconut mojitos (!!) to go with your salmon avocado roll, the best little authentic Mexican place (burrito lover right here) and made friends with the bodega owner on my block. Our apartment also has a rooftop with the best Manhattan skyline you’ll see from Brooklyn so I’m working on my tan up there while listening to Elbow and sipping beers.

So far Brooklyn, you’re treating me well.

The Leftovers Premiere

When I first arrived back to New York, one of the first things I was invited to was the premiere of the new HBO series, The Leftovers starring Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler.

The premiere was held down in New York University and while I’m not going to ruin the story line for you, it’s a sci-fi type series and I was personally left with a lot of “What the HELL just happened?”

Justin Theroux – who is the star of The Leftovers was in attendance along with his beautiful, tanned, athletically shaped girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston. Liv Tyler was also about and I managed to grab a picture with her at the afterparty downtown at TAO along with Elijah from the hit TV HBO show GIRLS. I also bumped into the famous twins Max & Charlie Carver that appeared in Desperate Housewives as Lynette & Tom Scavo’s kids.

TV premiere, cocktails and celebrities. Perfect night in New York.

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New York Take II: Brooklyn.

Flew back into New York last week after an 8 month hiatus and I’ve turned into one of those saps that bangs on about the “energy” and the “vibe” that surrounds you around here. But it’s true.

I lived in Queens the first time round, so now I up & moved to Brooklyn in with two designers to see what the story is here. Brooklyn has more bikes and beards, more craft beers & more attitude.

Let the adventure begin.