It’s all gone Kenneth Tong

Anyone who is a member of Twitter will need no introduction to Mr Tong, for his name has been Twitter trending for the past 3 days causing outrage amoung users, including celebrities Katy Perry, Rihanna, Travis Barker, Calum Best and Sophia Bush.

But for those of you how have not yet heard of this pernicious little man, you’re lucky. Because Kenneth Tong promotes the eating disorder, anorexia and plans on making his millions by releasing a ‘size zero’ pill.

The size zero debate is one which we are all used to. Magazine’s everywhere tell us we are all smart, beautiful women that don’t need to change our bodies for anyone or anything. And thank God for that. However, this University of Edinburgh graduate disagrees. Tong’s severe tweetings from the last 3 days have been infuriating women and men alike over his views on weight.  He tweets…

‘Tell me what you ate today and I won’t listen as you’ve eaten too much. To be thinner, skip Dinner.’

And this isn’t even his worst one. Another one reads,

‘Promoting the future, managed anorexia is a lifestyle, skinniness is a dream I want all Girls to live. Size zero is perfection.’

He is obviously also being bombarded with Tweets from anyone that disagrees with his preachings (which is probably all of Twittersville), as he is quite happy to inform us…

‘Fat people type the dumbest Tweets to me. Venting their frustration for being a reject in life and that big girl everyone pretends to like.’

So exactly who is this asshole? Kenneth Tong is 25 years old, originally from Hong Kong, and lives in London. On his Facebook page, he sites his profession as being a ‘Playboy’ since 1985 – present. Facebook tells me he studied Business Studies, Law, Politics & Economics at the University of Edinburgh (sounds like a disheveled Arts degree to me). He is associated loosely with the term ‘celebrity’ in the UK, as he is a former Big Brother 10 contestant. And an unliked one at that. Whilst in the house (he left at day 50 after entering on day 44) he received a warning from Big Brother over his use of language in the house, when after a fight with a housemate told her he was going to “pay someone to deal with it”.  He really does sound like a nice guy.

Tong with Miss Wales & Gordon Ramsey

Since then he appears to be latching on to his Z list celebrity status by being photographed with fellow celebrities, and even our own Glenda Gilson. (Bet you and your eyebrows regret that now Glenda.) I’m amazed these ‘celebrities’ haven’t had their PR machines working hard for Tong to remove the photos from Twitter to disassociate themselves with such a knob.

His recent attempt at fame? Designing a size zero pill. Tong tells us ‘My Size Zero Pill allows access to perfection. Expanding clinical trials to ten of you. Typically turns a Size 12 to a Size 6 in three weeks’, to which he then lured his followers by Tweeting… ‘Opening the trials to ten of my followers, email with why I should choose you, picture, & how it’d change your life’.

This Twitter war comes fresh on the heels of the death of the famous French anorexic model, Isabelle Caro. Ms Caro went public about her anorexia disease which she fought from the age of 13, but even her death at 28 doesn’t seem wrong to Tong.

Isabella Caro died at 28 from anorexia in November 2010

Rihanna is one of the stars adiment to put Tong in his place, Tweeting

‘Girls are dying all over the world because of ignorant individuals like this @MrKennethTong‘.

She later then instructed her fans …’ Young ladies, love yourself! Your skin, your booty, your hair… You’re all beautiful! Keep your hearts pure! Love and laugh, and live life’ to which then her friend, Katy Perry retweeted with glee. Calum Best also got into the action by saying to his fans…

‘The reality to this is that a girl or woman should look however she likes and not follow a trend or ‘expected’ look.’

But best Tweet for me in relation to Tong’s patheticness, goes to one of our very own Irish men, Robert Sheehan (who plays Nathan on the E4 hit show, Misfits) who simply said…

‘If @MrKennethTong is going to promote anorexia then I’m going to promote “Girls grab a bite”. Eat what ever the fuck you want.#Ignoreachink

What a f*cking legend.

As I left Twitter this evening, it appeared the Tong rebellion was well and truly underway as a demand for #curvesaresexy to become trending had begun with Travis Barker (drummer for Blink 182) showing his agreement by tweeting ‘Yes!!!!!!!! #CurvesAreSexy‘. I think one Twitter user in particular summed up Tong’s pathetic existence completely with her accurate analysis…’#kennethtong is in dire need of the help of a mental health professional. He deserves sympathy. Or a beating’, and I wholeheartedly agree.

I, personally am nowhere near a size zero and have absolutely no wish to be. I’d rather have a well rounded figure anyday than be a bag of bones. I’d also like to keep my health thank you very much. Hopefully people are fully aware of this man’s vile thoughts, and I sincerely hope that when I turn on my laptop tomorrow to check my Twitter, Tong will be put back in his box with #curvesaresexy soaring high in the trending section.


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