Afternoon delight

I am not a morning person. Anyone who has every lived me will tell you this.

The morning is a horrible, cold time of day that belong to trolls under bridges and people who work 23 hour days. I don’t look so good in the morning either, and I’ve come to not give a flying shit about it. Me and college at 9am is a terrible twosome. Unbrushed hair, badly applied make-up, throwing on clothes that were on the floor, and a cigarette breakfast. My eyes don’t open for another 3 hours and by then I want to rip someones face off. Jesus I’m lovely.

I’m a night-owl. Give me 4am and bad movies any day or those deaf people on the left hand side of the screen who appear in the late hours, miming the lyrics to Lil Wayne on MTV.

But alas, I’m still in the home house until college commences on the 24th so I’m up surprisingly early this morning/afternoon  (1pm…my body clock is still screwed after the Christmas).

I’ve just put the fire down, cleaned the kitchen from breakfast this morning, checked my Twitter, Facebook, college email and my Gmail (oh new season goods at ASOS) and sitting down to watch what events unfold in Lorali’s life today in the Gilmore Girls. *cheese* Maybe the Inn will go on fire! Again?  Hardly Roisin, cop on.

When Mam drops the twins to school in the morning, she sometimes nips into a shop to pick me up some mags ‘coz she knows I love ’em. So today, these beauties were left on the table for me. This months TatlerCosmopolitan and Look Magazine. Yey!! She also got todays Irish Independent but I wanna read these first and have my morning coffee before reading about Fianna Fail wanting to heave Cowan out before the general election, or that horrible story on Michaela Harte where she was strangled whilst on honeymoon.

So i’ll zone of out reality for another while yet. Or until these mags are read.


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