Mila Mila Mila

I am just after watching the highly anticipated Black Swan starring the talented Natalie Portman, the ever intriguing Winona Ryder, and the memorizing Mila Kunis and I’m left depressed at my life, fighting over a Galaxy bar with my sister to sooth the soul. (In my defence it was Galaxy Cookie Crumble. YUM. And for the record, I won.)

For those of you who have not heard of this movie (and I guarantee you will soon), here’s IMDb’s description:

A ballet dancer wins the lead in “Swan Lake” and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan, but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like the evil twin sister of the White Swan, the Black Swan.

The movie was simply un-fucking-believable. A deep, psychological masterpiece in which Nina (a ballet dancer) is a terribly troubled woman, and completely obsessed with being absolutely perfect.  It didn’t keep to one specific genre, but rather incorporated thriller, drama and raunchy sex scenes thrown in for added intensity. Grrr.  The beautiful Natalie Portman (also star of  The Other Boleyn Girl and Closer) played the role of timid, or ‘frigid’ (for use of a better word) Nina spectacularly. This work has been hyped as the movie of the year and as we are only in January it’s bold of it’s PR machine to issue such a tag, but critics will be dazzled. The costumes by designer Rodarte, the acting, the sex (Mila performs oral sex on Portman. Yup, you heard me right. Boys, get thee to the nearest cinema now). However, there IS one thing missing from this mega sexed up flick; a hot scorching man for us red blooded ladies. Goddamnit!

But I just love Ukrainian born, Mila Kunis. From her ditzy character in That ’70’s Show, to her fierce, ballsy one in Forgetting Sarah Marshall she carries herself with such ease. Her character in Black Swan is also full of gusto where she plays dance rival to Portman. For her portrayal as Lily in Black Swan, she has already won the Best Young Actress or Actor Marcello Mastroianni Award at the Venice International Film Festival 2010, and has been nominated for a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for the same role.

Did I mention she’s absolutely gorgeous?!!! Pfft. BET she has cellulite.


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