Bad sequels; Mean Girls 2

I dunno about ye, but I have never heard anything about this!

Mean Girls 2 is out, and I’m blaming whoever does their PR, for it not being better publicized.

By watching the trailer, the only original cast member still in it is the principal of the high school; Mr Duvall. The other person I recognize is Maiara Walsh, who played Gabby & Carlos’ niece in last seasons Desperate Housewives.

IMDb give it a cringe-worthy 3/10, and by trawling through the internet I’ve gathered it never made it to cinema, only DVD.


Other sequels that never truly took off that come to mind were…

  • Titanic 2. COME ON. What was going to happen!!! The ship rose from the sea? Pfft
  • Every Jaws after Jaws III. There’s only so much killing a shark can do.
  • Grease 2. Without John Travolta and his moves, it was nothing.
  • Speed 2: Cruise Control. Why wasn’t it good? It just didn’t have Keanu. *swoon*
  • Paranormal Activity 2. Just wasn’t as scary the second time around. You’re possessed, we get it.
  • Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. No ‘Baby in the corner’. Enough said.

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