College is back

Ok, so gonna get away from writing about fashion and celebrities and their shit tattoo’s for a min for more serious matters.

Like being back at college. Can’t complain about the timetable – we have Wednesdays and Fridays off (perfect for socializing Tue & Thur nites). Still don’t like these 9am starts though but it’s actually fine.

This semester is defintely going to be an interesting one. Thesis proposal has to be in for the 25th of February. Unfort, it’s a lengthy 17,000 words in total. 😥 But we have until September to do it so can’t really complain. Completely thrown into college work though. First assessment this Tue morn; a press conference that will be fronted by our course leader in our Newsroom, worth 10% of our final grade. *ouch*

We have guest lecturers this semester, coming in to talk to our MA class and impart their wisdom! This Tuesday sees the Crime Correspondent for the Irish Daily Star Michael O’Toole sharing his lessons learned with us. Judging by his Twitter account he’s a football fanatic, particurally for Manchester City.

No doubt afterward myself, Aoife, Sally and Sheller will head to Starbucks for some banter before our next lecture. Man, I’m making UL sound unreal. Which it is really, let’s be fair.

The Lodge is still as hon-real as ever (for those of you who don’t know, it’s the local club for UL students outside of the city). A heaving cattle mart for students of all ages, where you don’t remember walking in OR leaving and you’re pretty sure a bouncer told you to ‘calm the fuck down’ at some point. Don’t get me started on Superdine. And no, the name doesn’t suit the actual premises. Yuck.

(I act put in this photo ‘coz it reminds me of the alley, beside The Lodge where you finish off your wine/cans/voddie before ya head in. Ah knacker drinking). haha


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