Cher is in the studio….WE GET IT

Is it just me, or does this wan never shut the fuck up about being in America?

I can JUST imagine her. ”I’m just like, always in the studio. Always doin demo’s. Always being a gypsy knacker. I love it. ”

WTF? Love, until you’ve a hit under your belt…shutthefuckup. And you only got there in the first place coz the OTHER English knacker, Cheryl saw herself in ya.

Her Twitter drives me nuts. Yes I know I know, I could just press the ole ‘Unfollow’ button but I love punishing my eyes. That Wassel one and the guy that won…(jesus, act can’t remember his name. Mark? Fuck. You’ve caught me, I wasn’t an avid follower of the X Factor), well the two of them must be rightly pissed off at her. Aiden Grimshaw & Katie Wassel were in my local club 2 weekends ago. No, I didn’t go. Them poor bastards arn’t ‘In the studiooooo’ all friggin day rappin with Lil Wayne, and co. Tearin their hair out they are.

Cher put a link to a vid of her in LA today on her Twitter. And GUESS what?




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