Beyonce for Glastonbury

So reports today claim that hon-real Ms Beyonce Knowles will headline ‘Glastonbury’ this year, with U2 and Coldplay joining her for the infamous festival.

Apparently, U2 will open the festival on Friday the 22nd, Coldplay with play Saturday the 23rd, and Beyonce will close it on the 24th.

Reports of the aforementioned information were released on ‘Holy Moly’ website earlier today (, and have not yet been confirmed by the PR reps at Glastonbury.

Beyonce’s hubby, ‘Jay Z’ is no stranger to Scotland, headlining Glastonbury in 2007 to a mixed reaction. Glastonbury is known for it’s typically indie/rock and roll following, and the rappers place was questioned.

I’ve already had the pleasure of witnessing the Goddess, that is Beyonce Knowles perform.

It was her first concert in Ireland, I was about 16. Went with my mate and her younger sister and LOVED the whole show. It was just when Crazy in Love was released so there was plenty of  ‘uh oh’s to be heard from us!

Mayyybe have also worn HORRIFIC clothes.

As in, neon pink CORD pants and a blue neon MESH top. There may have been pigtails. And green eyeshadow. *eugh* The nineties. Thought I was BANG on trend mind you!

Eitherway, tickets for Glastonbury 2011 have already sold out, so get ready to shake your ass to ‘Single Ladies’ if these reports are true!



One thought on “Beyonce for Glastonbury

  1. ChickNamedHermia

    I just never ‘got’ Beyonce. Like, she seems nice and she has a powerhouse voice, but she warbles WAY too much and her music all sounds the same. I used to hate the way she just took over Destiny’s Child and had Kelly and Michelle as her back-up singers. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she was just doing what she was told (although I’m sure if she’d stood up for them, management would’ve give her what she wanted), but it just stank of Diana Ross and The Supremes all over again!


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