Grammy time!

11pm last night E! aired the red carpet pre-grammys celeb showdown. (It was on all night, but I was wrecked, so mo leaba awaited me and I missed the ACTUAL awards. I’ll catch up though.)

Firstly, what thee fock was Leona Lewis wearing to the pre-grammy party? Seriously like? Barbie much? Where did those knockers come from? Go home and change love.


And GaGa. Every newspaper/mag/site in town will be discussing her crazyness, coz she’s jampacked! Arrived in a ‘womb’, which she stayed put in until her performance. This women is seriously nuts. Think it’s the shock value that keeps us interested though…

The 'Womb'

Personally, I got a great laugh out of Russell Brand whilst wife Katy was being interviewed by Ryan-twat-Seacrest. He stood there, totally unamused as to what was going on, with a look on his face that read ‘KILL ME NOW’. Katy decided to bring her 90 year old Grandmother to the awards ceremony, joking that if she doesn’t win anything in the FOUR categories she was nominated in, she’ll be going home with her ‘Grammy’ anyway. Eww.

Check out Granny's 'Disco Walking Stick'!

And what the HELL was Jennifer Lopez wearing? I’m not a fan. Never have been. But the women is OLD. Put on a dress that goes beyond your thigh! And isn’t made of TINFOIL. Also, will someone please FEED Marc Anthony! He’s wasting away!

Jenny wearing 'Pucci' for the night.

Er, on to Rihannas dress. Which was Jean Paul Gaultier. I know it’s couture, but it was DISGUSTING. She looked fat, and girl is a beanpole!

Just. Sick.

Then of course there was poor Christina Aguilera. After a fantastic performance (she nailed it), where she totally redeemed herself from the drastic Superbowl episode (where she forgot the words to the National Anthem), she falls JUST as the camera zooms out for the break after her song. Girl, get your shit together! Still hon-real though.


Shock of the night had to be Justin Bieber walking away with NOTHING. Nominated in 2 categories, and won zilch! Teenage girls crying all across America today I’d say.

Arcade Fire won ‘Album of the Year’ beating Eminem, Katy Perry AND Gaga. Yey! Love a bitta Arcade Fire.

Miley Shoulders Cyrus

My boys, the Kings of Leon didn’t win anything, but Jared looked gorge all the same. *swoon* He also brought his MOM as his date to the awards. Cute AS.

Miley Cyrus has DEFO gained a bitta weight. Maybe it’s just that she’s actually reaching puberty now or something, but hefty shoulders was her look of the evening.

And once again, Kim Kardashian dressed like a hooker.

Love her hair though

Oh and Natasha Bedingfield appeared to be sporting the ‘tranny’ look.

Hair = puke

Have to say LOVED Drake & Rihannas performance, and Katy Perrys…where she included a snippet of her wedding vid.

Jez I’ve been a lil harsh overall! In my defence, MAJOR college stress going on at the mo. Not to mention being Single on Valentines Day. Bahahaha! Happy V Day ya’ll! x

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