Hard to believe that Skins is now in it 3rd season! Seems only yesterday I was swooning over the ridebag Chris. But it was actually a couple of years ago that he graced our screens. But it seems they are replacing the same characters with different actors in each series?

For example: The Wreck-Of-A-Woman’.  Series one it went to Cassie, second series Effy, and now third series, Mimi.

‘ The Cheeky Chap’. Series one Chris, two Cook, and three Nick or/and Alo.

Personally, I feel I’m too old for Skins at this stage. Tales of losing virginity, taking drugs, and drinking shots of vodka raw are all very pubescent, albeit the show is set in an English secondary school. The shock value has well and truly died (for me anyway), as it seems the show is dealing with the same issues in every series. e.g Mimi has bulimia (as also seen in series one with Cassie). The ‘Gay’ storyline is also been recycled, appearing in series two with Emily & Naoimi and now in series three with Franky being raised by gay Dad’s.

In spite of everything I’ve said, I’m still obvs going to watch it. It still packs an interesting punch, and the soundtrack always satisfied my ears!

Cast of new series



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