Look out Vera Wang, Aisling is in town!

Wanna pimp out this post to my amazing fashion designer mate, Aisling McDonnell!

This Mayo stunner is in her 3rd year of a B.A in Fashion Design, at the Limerick School of Art & Design, and is one chick who’s going places!

Last year, Ash won the ‘‘Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Dress of Your Dreams” competition in which she had to design a dress that centered around the theme ‘Tickled Pink’,  incorporating the blush pink colour scheme and the gel bars!

Aisling, with her winning design in the background

Needless to say she took home the trophy no prob (atta girl).

Hailing from Ballina, Mayo, Aisling has already completed an Art and Design Portfolio Course in the Galway Technical Institute, and her current B.A – where she studies pattern drafting, knitwear construction, and design software in amongst all her designing, is just another step towards stardom. She is soon to complete her work experience within the fashion capital – London, where mingling with the most prestigious fashion houses in the business will become a normal day for Ash.

For more information on Aisling, her designs and contact information, log onto her website…



Look out Vera Wang…a Ballina women is coming to steal your crown.

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