Election time

What a week.

It’s mid term in schools this week, so a bunch of teacher friends came down to Limerick on the piss Tuesday, which needless to say, was very messy. Started off in the college bar with beer, and they it slowly progressed into a full blown session with a very exposing drinking game!


One of the lads made it in nowhere, but yet managed to lose his phone, shirt AND wallet. Tut tut. They also broke my housemates hamster cage (it’s all fixed again). People become OBSESSED with the hamster when they’re drunk in my gaff. Like, it’s a rodent. But yet all I hear is ‘OH CAN I TAKE IT OUT AND PLAY WITH IT???’

NO. You can’t. Because it bites. And you’re drunk.

Dragged my hungover ass out of bed then the next morn, and headed to Dublin Wednesday with Justine & Michelle, up to their mates. Whom also happen to be journalists, doing the Masters in DIT.  Jasus 30 Journo’s in a room. You could smell the pretension at the door.

Belted out some Jay Z & Lil Wayne (we think we’r black) and headed to…you’ve guessed it … COPPPERRRS!

Coppers for the shifffffffft!

And that’s exactly what happened. Ended up getting food, TWICE. Oh Roisin you fatty. And we lost Michelle (much to Justine’s dismay). But thankfully when I woke the next morning, she was asleep on the floor waking everyone up with her banter.

Then Michelle drove us back to Limerick, then on to Roscommon (where we were born, buttered and bread). Worked in the ole radio station today, Ros Fm…you’re lovable local, and have to work on the election for the station tomorrow. Just home from voting actually! It’s all very exciting to see who’s going to get in! This is one General election in Ireland’s history that’s going to be remembered.  FF’s domination over the government has finally ended anyway.

Campaign poster from his controversial cannabis opinions.

Dunno if many of ye have heard of him, but Luke ‘Ming The Merciless‘ Flanagan is a Cllr. running in my constituency. Most famous for sending spliffs to the Dail to push forward his opinion that cannibas should be legalized, Ming is showing fantastic progession into politics. I hope that he gets in.

He’s also Mayor of Roscommon, and took a pay cut when he was appointed. He also plans to reduce the number of TD’s needed. How can ya not love him? If he wins tomorrow, there will be some party in Roscommon.

Hope everyone voted today!!


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