Congratulations Ming!

A HUGE congratulations to Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan,  Independent candidate for getting elected in the  Roscommon South Leitrim constituency in the 31st Dail!

Ming, or ‘Ming the Merciless‘ as the press account him, has been in politics for the last 14 years, and hails from Castlerea, Co. Roscommon.

Ming was elected after the fourth count boasting 12,149 votes with a quota of 11,877.

Myself & Michelle spent the day researching information for our local radio during the election, which was uber exciting! Lots of Lucozade was went through as we kept our ears and eyes on RTE radio1, the RTE Election website, and Twitter (which actually went down for a few minutes, but alas, not due to traffic because of the Irish election.)

Speaking when he got elected, Ming straightaway started his political quest by saying he wants all his colleagues in the 31st Dáil to take a 50% pay cut.  He is giving up half his salary.

People, I think our government just got interesting. Go on the Mingster!




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