So Kim Kardashian adds ‘singer’ to her list of occupations

I have just subjected my ears to the worst minute of their life by listening to the beginning of Kim Kardishians new ‘song’, Jam.

Mother of fucking God. WHO let this woman record anything? I want to ‘jam’ that effing record down her throat and let it add weight to her every increasing ass. Pun intended.

This girl got famous for making a sex tape ( Paris Hilton is obviously her idol). Her family is famous ‘coz her Dad was OJ Simpsons lawyer. Her Dad died from cancer, and her Mother married Bruce Jenner – Olympic Gold medal winner for America and father of Brody Jenner, an actor in The Hills. Her family got a television series out of all the aforementioned snippets of  ‘fame’ named ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘. It helps that her two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe are hot. And what exactly is with all three daughter names beginning in ‘K’? Americans.

As it stands, Kim does a spin off show with her sister Kourtney, called Kourtney and Kim take New York, and as painful as it is to admit it, I may have erm…watched, maaaaaaaaaybe three or four episodes. It about them living in New York together in a Penthouse apartment, setting up their clothing line ‘Dash’, and Kim going out and getting drunk in NY ‘coz she’s ‘SINGGUUL’. ‘The last episode I watched saw Kim in the recording studio, telling the producer ‘I’m no Celine Dion’. Really love? REALLY. We didn’t know that. Brownie points for admitting it, but you still nevertheless recorded a god awful song and decided that the human race just had to hear it.

Sorry Kim, but can you just go back to getting naked, doing porn, tweeting alot of horseshit (had to unfollow your ass), saying ‘OH MA GAWWWD’ alot and generally being a shit excuse of a celebrity? Atta girl.

Below is the tune of discussion. Listen at your own peril.


4 thoughts on “So Kim Kardashian adds ‘singer’ to her list of occupations

  1. RunningOnRainbows

    Wow what is it with Hollywood and sex tapes? It’s not even classy and then they’re forever branded as whores…what the hell?

    Haha on YouTube when I listened to the song someone said that the song was blasting on giant speakers in Kenya or something. Wow. Just wow.


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