Robert Sheehan…you ride.

I am after just watching the trailer for Robert Sheehan’s new movie, Killing Bono which is due out April 1st and am soooo excited to see it!

First and foremost, I’m absolutely thrilled for the Port Laoise lad, who first big break was Song For A Raggy Boy, and more recently playing Nathan in the E4 drama, Misfits.

I loved Misfits …  huge fan of it, and of Rob’s character Nathan, who is absolutely hilarious throughout with his sarcastic wit, and who in my opinion, makes the show.

The gist of Killing Bono is that they were a  band in Dublin in the 1980’s, but never really ”made it” and always seemed to be one step behind another aspiring rock band at the time; U2. People came to know them as, ”Like U2, but better looking”.

The trailer shots of the characters that play the young U2 members already has me in hysterics! (Bono’s glasses even when he was a teen, of course included.)

It’s Irish humour at it’s best… Pure Mule combined with The Commitments – references to the Pope included.

I expect Killing Bono to be a huge success for Sheehan, and well deserved at that.


One thought on “Robert Sheehan…you ride.

  1. Siobhan

    He is Irish!?!?! That is most definitely a step up from our usual exports (have immense – irrational – hatred of Jonathan Rhys Meyers since he shot Michael Collins! 😉 )


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