Britney fan till I die

Although my usual type of music is stuff like Elbow and Lil Wayne, I’m a die hard Britney fan. I sound like such a wannabee music buff, but was in the car with my mate lately and we were listening to the “Top 20” or something, and all I recognized was the last 3 songs. Have to start listening to the radio more. (Also, why does everything seem to feature Dubstep in it these days? Not that I’m complaining.)

Her single “Baby One More Time” was the first single I ever bought. Still have it in fact! Scratched from all the repeat plays!

Her new video though for “Till The World Ends” is just absolutely unreal. A cross between “Im A Slave 4 U” and “Oops”, it completely shows that she’s back with a vengence – all whilst kitted out in Burberry & Balmain.

She looks amazing, the figure is fab, the hair is glowing and she’s dancing more!



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