And the biggest excuse of a celebrity goes to…

Who else other than Kerry Katona.

Whilst hungover this week after the Limerick student races, I went in search of some TV that didn’t require braincells. Ya’no, the usual hangover shtuff. The Hills, Scrubs, Friends, but found “Kerry Katona: The Next Chapter” instead. Said i’d give it a lash since apparently Jordon (another excuse of a celeb, can’t we all get our tits out?)  is uber pissed off coz her TV show is doing shit in comparison to Katona’s.

But after 10 mins viewing of Kerry’s “step forward”, it was very clear that she is using her kids for money.

Each scene is bloody filled with her kissing her kids 4 million times a minute, holding their hands, playing with them and generally being glue to their sticky hands. WE GET IT. But like, where the fuck were all these kisses when she was snortin lines of coke there about a year ago? Or shooting heroin through her veins? She still smokes loads around all 4 kids – the youngest being 2 years which leads me to believe this kissing is all for the camera, and she actually couldn’t give a flying fuck about them. Actually, that a correct assumption on my behalf.

Cocaine...and cocaine free.

Them poor bastards. Bloody Brian McFadden off in Oz (recently dumped by Delta Goodrem too) who doesn’t give a flying fuck about them either. They’re shipped to Ireland ever so often to his parents for some family input. Like, when they grow up, all they have to do is look into archievs of the Daily Mail or some equally trashy shite filled paper and read about their obese Mother who actually admitted on the episode that I watched, that there were times she “didn’t want to be around them”. No shit sherlock.

So apparently, this “New Chapter” TV gig is about spending time with the kids “making up for lost time” and “being a good Mom” because she’s 7 months clean. She makes it sound like a chore to be off heroin and actually being a Mom.

Suppose some credit has to be due for her loosing 4 stone and “getting clean”.



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