Just finished a 2,000 word article on the managment of donations within the Irish Red Cross, and I need some carefree time to let all them stupid stats leave my head. Hello River Island (I think I’ve exhausted myself of Asos as of late).

Summer is def in the air, and I can’t wait to get my straw trilby and denim hotpants out again. Need a new pair of white converse me thinks too! LOVING these pieces…

Have a denim waistcoat..but want THIS one!

Gladiator sandals are still in for Summer, after 3 years

Sucker for boho

****STILL on the lookout for a pair of skin tight leather pants! Holla if ya’ll find any! Def some kind of Steve Tyler in me dying to break out!****



One thought on “Therapy

  1. Lala

    My friend got a pair of leather leggings in Penney’s very recently. They’re deadly – not plastic-y looking like pairs I’ve seen in there previously


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