The Wackness

I’m completely ashamed to admit this, but I only discovered the film “The Wackness” yesterday.

*hangs head in shame*

And now, it’s firmly planted in my Top Ten Fave Films.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard of it, it’s a story of a teenager boy, selling dope, getting fucked up, chilling drinkin beers, and getting his heart broken all in the Summer of 1994 in New York City.

But I can’t even describe how great the movie was in words, because the soundtrack did it all. Fucking hell. It was amazing. Something along the lines of the epicness of “Almost Famous“- but better. (If I dare suggest that).

Given that the movie is set in 1994, there’s loads of Notorious BIG (the nineties were his decade of reign), loads of old school rap like A Tribe Called Quest, Faith Evans, Method Man, and they unfuckingbelievable hit from Biz Markie, “You Say He’s Just A Friend”.

With only 33,000+ page likes on FB, I’m wondering HOW there isn’t more.  Apart from a brief bit of hippy acting from Mary-Kate Olsen, there is no massive celeb acting in it, with the fat -now -skinny kid in the childs programme Drake & Josh , Josh Peck holding the leading role as drug and love fulled, Luke.

If you don’t watch it for the plot, just download the soundtrack.

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