I thank Alice Dellal.

The side cut has exploded as the new trend for girls. And I’m in total love with it. I just have to gather my guts and walk straight into that barber.

I’m thinking for myself, more Carmen Electra than Alice Dellal (soz Als).


Then of course the Swagger Jaggerer herself comes along, and totally ruins it. Que Cher Llyod wannabees sporting the look. Act, I’ll stop hatin these beeeatches coz Cher’s alrite. Hate the song. Think she looks like a tramp, but she’s doing her thing dya’ naw? Power to her.

Lauren Conrad from The Hills glory created a buzz on her website recently by giving tips on how to “dip dye” your hair. Something which I’m also LUVING but alas, can’t be donzo to my hair ‘coz I’m jet black and the dye simply wouldn’t take.



‘Pose at least with the dye, it can be cut/dyed over. Same can’t be said for the side cut, but your hair can  be flicked over to hide it from the parentals!


2 thoughts on “Huur

  1. Pink Hibiscus

    Do it, do it, do it! I always wished I’d the balls to do it, but I need a “conservative cut and colour” for work. ie. it needs to be tied back, no side cuts for me i fear!


  2. Oh my gosh that is special

    DO IT. I did. I had leopard print painted on to the side. I miss it. But I am OOOLLLDDD now so I’d look stupid…


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