Black Milk Galaxy Leggings

Don’t know if you have all noticed the cosmic effect pattern that’s appearing on dresses/tops/pants recently, but I’m in love.

So I was thrilled to find an Australian brand by the name of Black Milk, that seem to specialize in the cosmic creations!

I first found a top on ASOS about three months, that had a jellyfish pattern by designer Emma Cook, with similar colours and background to that of the cosmic one.

Unfort, it was £155 pound – don’t even want to convert that into Euro.

But doesn’t it look so pretty?

But Black Milk have gone that one step further, and brought out a whole line of cosmic goodness. They stock leotards, tops, and dresses with the cosmic effect. But the leggings are especially holding my attention, as they come in so many beautiful colours and are so versatile! I wanted the purple galaxy ones, but they seem to be all sold out! 😦 So maybe the pink will have to do!

Quite liking the purple galaxy dress!

Look up these fab items at


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