Bip Ling

I’ve a new girl crush. Alice Dellal will always have my heart, but maybe I’ll have to save a slice for Bip.

Hailing from Wimbledon, London, Bip Ling (or Bipasha Ling) is a 21 year old ex-art student who started a blog that has now merged into one of the hottest sites to click your mouse on.

She started what she calls herself, “an online journal” of various fashion and art concepts that interested her, posting “outfits of day” from her bathroom, music links all uploaded with different cartoon animal effects. Bright lipsticks and bows in her hair are two traits of Ling’s style.

She is also a DJ (is it just me, or are they ALL DJ’s?), newly signed to STORM MODELS, and is the face of FOREVER 21 in the UK. Note: according to the rumour mill, her Mother is of Indian royalty. (Yes she is a rich kid.)

Her style is more eccentric than Dellal’s, with more colour and texture incorporated as opposed to just black and denim. (I still love you Alice.) I especially love her colouring; dark hair, perfected eyebrows and huge brown eyes. And with a name like Bip, what’s not to love?

Go follow her blog at!


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