A good ole’ doc.

There is nothing better than watching a documentary when hungover.

And you’re all gonna call me insane, but I love conspiracy theory documentaries. Like how the pyramids were built, was 9/11 all constructed, Area 51, the Royals, the Rothchilds family, shit like that.

Not saying now that I believe the aliens built the pyramids or anything, but in my opinion, it’s better as a person in society to not just to swallow everything you hear but instead be open to dismissing what we’re told by officials and making up our own friggin mind. Me and my friend Adele and Pender (or Badger as we call her)  have spent hours watching and discussing various documentaries. God I sound fucking pathetic but you get SOO into them! And if your not into them, and are not open to the possibility of different explanations for events, then close this tab because I’m going to wreck yer heads.


There was a docu on last night on RTE 1 after the news on Mental Hospitals in Ireland during the 1950’s and 60’s that made me sick.

Me and Adele watched one last week on a Dr. in America that performed 4,000 lobotomy’s during the 1950’s that turned all 4,000 patients into vegetables.

This is the latest one I’ve watched. Paddy and me watching this today during our 2 day hangover from Picnic. It’s simply called “Collapse“, and basically in a nut shell, explains that their isn’t even enough oil left on the earth to last another hundred years. And that we’r fucked because of this. No other form of energy has become close to oil. It’s in toothbrushs (I WAS PERSONALLY SHOCKED!), toothpaste, fertilisers that are needed to grow food, there’s 6 gallons of oil in every tyre on a car and so on. The doc explains it all. It’s actually quite depressing, ‘coz we have sucked the earth dry of it’s natural resources, and now nothing can be done.

And none of that was my opinion, this dude says it! Michael Ruppert. He’s an ex-CIA agent, has wrote 2 books, was an investigative journalist for 30 years, an ex-LAPD cop, and now does talks in colleges around America. He has been shot at several times and predicted the economic downfall six years ago.

WATCH IT. Here’s the trailer, and the link to the full doc is below. If anyone has any suggestions as to one I should watch, leave a link!


One thought on “A good ole’ doc.

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