Electric Picnic

So I’m finally home, after leaving on Friday morning for the weekend that was Electric Picnic.

But I can’t complain much about the rain, ‘coz we had my friend Paddys 1970’s hippy van on standby for sleeping. It used to be his Granny’s, and was sitting in her back garden for years until he drudged it out and fixed it up.

We were in the Jimi Hendrix campsite with mates that had set up tents there, so drank, smoked, sang and abused until we left for Boys Noize which were fucking unreal. Great live act. Me and Adrian managed to squeeze our way to the front row where we were met with bouncers throwing water on us. I can’t actually remember what other bands we saw, blame the cold (or the 30 cans of Bavaria. Whatevs). Boys Noiz ended at like 2am (according to the timetable) so we went and got thai food! Picnic was full of great little stalls selling good, hot food – once place had gravy, mash and herb sausages. HONREAL as Durno would say.

Saturday, Adele landed. And of course with a fucking bang. Adele is my mate, who is basically the luckiest fuck alive. First off, when we met, we both ran at each other, collided and fell on top of a marquee/gazeebo thing. And broke it. Whoops!

She arrived Sat with no band, sneaked into the campsite, and then tried to sneak into the arena – unsuccessful the FIRST time. This failed attempt led to her being in the back of a squad car for 2 hours before making a break for it and legging it back into the arena…SUCCESSFULLY. Well, she was chased by three guards for a while, but that’s irrelevant. We didn’t see her in the arena Sat night at all, but she emerged Sunday morning covered in scratches having made two Dub friends whom took her in – literally. They found her at the Chemical Brothers, brought her back to their tent, gave her a sleeping bag and clean socks AND alcohol. Irish people are grrreeat!

The Chemical Brothers Saturday were incredible. Their visuals are fantastic, and I was once again at the top of the barriers. Prior to the CB, we went to Public Enemy (amazing show where we met and chatted to the Hardy Bucks) and Arcade Fire (obviously they were going to be incredible).

By Sunday you could notice loads of people leaving, and one girl in particular, stopped, took off her band and gave it to Adele ‘coz she was going home. Once again, THE IRISH ARE LOVELY. Headed inside to the arena, and went to a tent place (forget the name) where you sit around tables on the ground and order herb container things that you inhale (again, forget the word). Sat there with cans and got even more demented.

We then moved and sat on a hill drinking vodka staring at the bands in front of us. (No idea who we saw, minds a blank). Then we had the last Rave in the Woods, where I climbed a tree, and then fell out. Drank rum, danced with hippies, peeded behind trees, made new friends, got lost, and wound up back at the campsite at 7am where 6 of us jumped in a tent and passed out.

Woke up Monday to random strangers going round asking had you seen their car keys or wallets. Hauled our asses into the hippy van and drove to Paddys house, where we finished Monday evening ordering Dominoes and watching documentaries.


Roll on next year!!!


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