Emigration sucks

This is not the best song to be having on repeat at the moment. It’s making me too sad.

I’ve lost – and am continuing to lose many friends to immigration. And my tone in writing this is negative, I know. But everything sees moving to another country as brilliant, great craic, a new adventure. And it is.

But what about what you’re leaving?

I currently have five best friends residing in different countries. Minno in Oman, Algeria. Grace in Melbourne, Oz. Niall  & Keefer in Vancouver, Canada. And Lisa in Dubai. I also have two cousins in Oz.

None of above are going/have went with the intention of staying for only one year, all aiming for their second, and who knows after that?

Another two of my best friends, Adele & Roisin leave for Vancouver on the 1st of October. And another two of my childhood friends, Michelle & Marian leave for Oz in February.

And I applied for my American Visa recently, which means I’m soon to be leaving.

But when will we all see each other again? When/If Grace comes home after her 2nd year, i’ll only be starting my 2nd – therefore I won’t be here. Its a vicious circle, and I know it’s fantastic, brilliant, and amazing to be touring the world, but thinking about when our group will reform is terrifying. Adele tells me “a wedding”. THAT’S when we’ll be together again. And if that’s the case, then it’s upsetting.

Why do we have to grow old? Why does there have to be change?



3 thoughts on “Emigration sucks

  1. Why does it bother me?

    I get how you feel. I left the UK in 2009, although I have no desire to return to live there, I do miss home, and the people that make it home. But you have to remember that everyone gets annual holidays, and with people scattered across the globe you need never pay for a hotel again! Or waste time trawling places looking for a good venue for a night out as your friends WILL know! Plus I would recommend Skype. It has saved my sanity on many occasions. Change is a bitch, but embrace it and it soon becomes far more manageable!


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