Better late than never

Kate Moss‘s wedding is the subtext of my heading.

After only getting my paws on the American September VOGUE last week (found out the only place to purchase it is Easons ), I have spent the last few days oooohing and aaaahing over the wedding pics!

Jamie looked HAWT – never saw that in him before.

In the article, the setting of the wedding is explained like a dream. Jam Jars containing tea lights hang from trees, flowers especially planted for the day hugged the footpath leading up to the church. Food from Toulouse, France was imported, and as her Dad made his wedding speech – he included a thank you to John Galliano (the designer of her wedding dress) to which Galliano cried. Moss’s daughter, Lila Grace is also a beautiful creation – model material perhaps?

On another note – Moss is also now the new representative of Mango FW ’11 campaign.

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