ACNE – sort of.

By now everyone has either seen/heard of/or bought the ACNE Pistols that triggered these copies by Oasis. And by Topshop. And probably by alot more high street shops that I am unaware of . But the original Pistols themselves are discontinued – something I nearly cried over as I logged onto Net-A-Porter one day after saving for aggees for them. So my Oasis copies will have to do. And at €80, I’m a happy girl. I know already I’m going to wear them till they fall apart.

For some reason I feel really grown up in them; in a good way. Like I should do them justice by wearing them with long floating maxi’s, fitted black trousers or a long beige trench coat. Apparently the copies are becoming very popular, but I’m safe yet as I told 4 friends about my find, and they hadn’t a clue who ACNE were. Solo freak.

p.s When I Tweeted that I found ACNE Pistol look-a-like shoes, I got spammed about creams for my skin condition. YEY FOR TERRIBLE SKIN PROBS!!

One thought on “ACNE – sort of.

  1. Why does it bother me?

    Oooh they are pretty.
    Twitter does some REALLY odd stuff.
    I said I had ‘piles of stuff to sort out’ I’ll let you do the maths to work out what spambots I got hit with. I’m still living it down!


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