Brown Sugar Better Fashion Week #BFW

Hope everyone is having a wonderful fabtastic weekend!  Blue skies one minute, massive hailstones the next. Ahh Irish weather.

This week I’m involved with the production of Brown Sugar Better Fashion Week  which is taking place in Dublin from April 23rd – 30th. It promises to be a very exciting week packed full of fashion talks by Ireland’s top stylists such as Angela Scanlon, and “Off The Rails” presenter Sonya Lennon, plus creative fashion shows featuring fair trade clothing and fantastic, unique Irish designers. Any information about the week can be seen on their webpage – #BFW

 Picked up these casual denim shorts in Penneys recently, and love them. Kinda tribal, kinda Aztec, kinda hippie.

Also picked up this necklace in Forever 21. Collar shaped I think it is! Excuse the shoddy Webcam pic, I took it with when there was bad lighting!

Not going out this weekend, being really anti-social and just staying in reading magazines and eating crap! I’ll be posting daily about #BFW as of Monday!  Now to plan the outfits!


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