Bandwagon jumping time.

Little late to the ombréing game, but to hell with it. Since my hair is jet black, I wasn’t sure if any bleach would actually take to it, but it did!

Bought the products myself in Boots, and dyed the shit out of it.

And here are the results! I think I might do it again to get a lighter effect, yes no? Also, should I do it a bit further up my hair? Or is there enough done? Suggestions vurrry welcome! xx

7 thoughts on “Ombré

  1. Why does it bother me?

    I love it! I think you could go a bit higher up, but if you don’t the look is still awesome.

  2. Rena Niamh Smith

    This is so weird! Me and Carl were gonna dip dye my hair on Sunday with the exact same stuff! Look fab!!!!! Not too extreme, u should totes go full throttle if u feel like it! Rena xxx

  3. Rena Niamh Smith

    LOVE!!! Its so freaky cuz me n Carl went n got the exact same stuff on Sunday to dip dye my barnett! Looks fab, like the relaxed version, but u could totally go full throttle if u felt like it 😉 R xx


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