Doing my bit for this Summer’s neon trend!

Such a gorgeous day here in Dublin, so went to annoy my friend in the Trinity library today while she was studying for her law exams next week! The sooner this Masters is over the better! I’ll get my friend back! We took a few pics out on the grounds for her study break. I’m so good to her 😉

Then me and Nicole who is working with me at fashion week, took a few shots outside Georges St Arcade for funzies. LOL ROFL. I also want to steal her pink pants. So cool.

Hype this bitch on Lookbook if you get the chance 😉 And cheers to Sinead Durnin for her photography skills! x

In other news, Durnin’s boyfriend Paddy, has spent the last two weeks in South Africa shark diving, cliff hanging, bungee jumping etc and on his triumphant return, brought presents back for Durnin and her friends! Go Padster! I was gifted with this gorgeous hand made bracelet featuring little elephants! I LOVE it! Isn’t it fab?!

7 thoughts on “Limey

  1. christine

    ahhh i love the bracelet, did you make it yourself? if so, where did you get the elephant beads??


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