So while I was in town yesterday, on route to ogle everything at COS in BT2, I stopped into Brown Thomas to re-apply my lipstick ‘coz I left mine at home. (C’mon we all go in there to do that). And literally, the first girl I saw was wearing this fantastic bright, striking, reddy-orangy lipstick – that was it. I had fallen in love. Asked her what she was wearing, and the rest is history.

It’s from MAC, called ‘Sail La Vie’, and part of the Limited Edition range – Hey Sailor. And whilst I am not a beauty product fanatic in any way whatsoever (much rather to spend my $$ on clothes), there’s just something about bright lipsticks that gets me. Of course then I lose them in The Button Factory. RIP MAC Magenta. You’re with those scary hipsters now.


Apologies for shitty pics. Vain-y pics. Posey pics. I don’t get home from work till late and I’m tired and it’s miserable outside and everyone knows that a bloggers kryptonite is the rain.

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