Call Your Girlfriend, I Think It’s Time You Talked

Brief Catch Up:

Persil Fashion Awards

Hannah Furlong, winner of #PFA talking to Xpose’s Glenda Gilson

Champagne in tea china & buckets of sweets at the Littlewoods Ireland Press Event

Glimpse of Saturday Night’s Outfit

I also attended the Marks & Spencer Irish Food Market Event two weeks ago. Got snapped by an ole’ photographer, and was told that my picture was on the homepage of the RTE Fashion Website today under the street style section! It’s a small one but click on the M&S event photos and i’m thurrr!

Also, in relation to the blog title, “Call Your Girlfriend“. WATCH THIS SONG. The original is by Robyn, but has been copied all over Youtube. These are two of the best. Such a beautiful song.

Outfit post should be up later in the week!

Call Your Girlfriend

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