Super Stylin’

Okay, so last week Ebay ran a stylist competition on their Facebook page, looking for three people to style their online fashion week which is happening in Dublin all next week! Annnnd….I’m one of the winners!

So excited about the whole thing! It’s being run by fashion PR company THINKHOUSE, and it’s a week long event with guest speakers from all the top editors and stylists in the journo/designing/styling biz . The fashion show I’m styling is on next Friday, and I just literally finished compiling my looks! Twas a stressful day!

Below is some of the snaps Katie (my fash friend) took for me for the competition. Cheers Katie! 😉 She actually found the graffiti carpark & suggested shooting there! Glad I did now!

p.s I realize I’ve to give the pink blazer a break. But by God i’m getting wear outta’ it! And I also can’t clame ownership of these gorge floral pants! They belong to my friend Durn! She got them in Newlook a few weeks back, and I love them so much! She very nicely let me snap them! Thank you Durnin!! 😀


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