The Railway Children

The Railway Children. God I LOVED that book as a kid!

Okay, so here’s a sneak peak of a little project I’m working on at the minute. It’s not finished yet. But it soon will be!

I realised over the weekend that I haven’t done an outfit post in forever, so gonna do a few this week if the rain keeps away!

In other news, I did what every other blogger on the planet has already done, and started a Facebook page. I should have done this yonks ago, but better late yada yada. Basically I’m going to put pictures on it for the people that aren’t on Twitter to see the stuff I upload there! Shoots, events, model fittings, press i’m featured in, etc!

The page is here, so like it, the whole goddamn lot of you! (It’s very bare at the minute though!)

I’m also on Instagram! You’ll find me on my Twitter name – rositaflangita, which most of you are finding out as I’ve had some lovely new followers!


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