New Yawk

Greetings/Ola everyone!

So basically, Im off in New York for a while! And so far, I’m completely in love with the place. But God the heat. Irish people are not made for this humidity!

One of the coolest things is that movie scenes have now become my everyday life. Like yesterday I was just chillin’ having wine in Rochefeller Center on 5th avenue. Nipped into Victorias Secret on Times Square. This morning I had coffee and sat in Central Park while I read my emails. I’m also here for New York Fashion Week which is the icing on the cake. Of course you can’t escape the Irish either as I found out whilst out in a bar last night. Turns out my best friends Uncle is the resident chef there! Small world! Was also in getting manicures and pedicures with the gurls today and The Script came on the radio. Fair play to them, they seem to have made it here!

I’m gonna get back into outfit posts and general fashion biz next week, but for now, I’m taking in the sites and enjoying drinking and eating the finer things in life. Snaps below of the last few days, not much but i’ll there will be more to come! x First one is the library where Big & Carrie from Sex & The City The Movie got married (or nearly!)

Rockefeller Center

Skyscrapers from the 28th floor of Ipaper

Overview of the Statue of Liberty, Empire State

Times Square

Manhatten Mall

Forever 21 Flagship Store



2 thoughts on “New Yawk

  1. Crocs Are Awful

    I am too jealous! New York is somewhere I have always wanted to visit! Are you staying there forever or is it just a trip? And fashion week… oh my giddy aunt I would kill to be there for that! 🙂


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