New York Fashion Week – ELLE Fashion Show

Well New York Fashion Week kicked off last Friday, and the city has been mental since!

I’m working with an event management company for the week that handles the production side of shows/handles the transfer of the collections for the designers! It’s 14 hour days and my feet feel like I’m standing on glass at the end of the day but it’s so exciting. Being given an ‘Access All Areas Pass’ and being able to stroll around Lincoln Center is pretty cool. 

So Friday was the ELLE fashion show which took place in the David Koch theatre, where Actress Christina Ricci (Mermaids, Casper) came backstage to get a glimpse of all the commotion (she’s TINY, like 4ft 8) , as did famous blogger Bryan Boy. Alexa Chung was in the audience, and the paparazzi went into a flurry outside when Nicki Hilton strolled by. My job included handling the guest list, issuing VIP passes, signing in models, helping them put on their seven inch heels and then grabbing their hands and walking them downstairs in those seven inch heels after they walked the runway for their next quick change. It all gets so mental backstage, everyone in walkie talkies, models flinging clothes and such but it’s such a great buzz. Didn’t take many pics, but here’s what I have. Also included is my outfit for the show, I had to wear black!


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