What I’m clicking on.

I decided this week that instead of bookmarking every goddamn article I read (because I like to save the good ones), I’m going to place all the links here. It will ease my bookmarking tab, will hopefully bring the joy of reading to some, and organize my life that little bit more.

  • Barry Egan’s piece for the Sunday Independent (Sun 1st) on Not Doing Coke With Nigella
  • In relation to the above, Una Mullally’s opinion piece for The Irish Times on Yearnalism: Making a story out of nothingness
  • Roseanne Barr & Mindy Kaling: Funny women, serious talk, The New York Times.
  • Will Getting Rid of ‘Fashion Bloggers’ Return Fashion Week to Its Former Glory? Great article here in The Cut about how New York Fashion Week is becoming a zoo with bloggers, street style photographers and journalists swarming the grounds. It’s becoming less about the designers and more about fame hungry social media addicts.
  • You’re Cute and Fired, The New York Times. Women being fired for being too attractive.
  • A slideshow of Jackie Kennedy’s greatest outfits (123 of them to be precise) from New York Magazine.
  • Joe Jonas (one third of Disney creation ‘The Jonas Brothers’) discussing with New York Magazine how the band underwent ‘media training‘ in order to answer press questions “correctly”.
  • New York Magazine is going bi-weekly and what this means for editor Adam Moss.
  • Three important judgements at a European level for LGBT rights explained here by Fiona Gartland, The Irish Times.
  • A movie that I cannot wait to see, ‘Her‘. Starring Joaquin Phoenix. Score by Arcade Fire. Watch the trailer here.
  • Tumblr fun http://meangirlsofleinsterhouse.tumblr.com/
  • Kyle Lambert drew a picture of Morgan Freeman on an iPad. It took 200 hours and 285,000 finger ‘brush’ strokes.

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