Big Bird

During fashion week in New York last September, I finished one of my days by strolling through Soho. I stopped in Zara and picked up a ribbed leather jacket & a large brown leather bag. From there I moved onto All Saints, before finally ending up in New York’s only Topshop. As I entered the store, the first thing I saw was a bright lemon green feather coat. And when I say bright, I mean BRIGHT. Somewhere between luminous and neon. It was also very Big-Birdesque due to its feather coating. And it was one of the most beautiful garments I have ever seen. I let my hands wander over the soft material, my fingers getting caught in the feathers and my shoulders welcomed the heavy placement of a good strong coat. I must have pranced around the dressing room for a half hour, debating on its purchase. Why the debate? I felt the colour was too loud. Too strong for me. A girl who is 99.9% of the time seen in black. I asked myself where would I wear it? How much use would I get out of this? At $200 I needed to think about it. After much deliberating (and prancing) I decided against it. “You won’t wear it enough.” Looking back on 2013 now that we are into a brand spanking new calendar, it is my biggest regret not to have purchased that bright piece of heaven. I would have worn the shit out of it. I love bright colours. I have blazers in ever colour of the rainbow. And I’m still thinking about that coat, on January 7th 2014 after seeing it for the first time last September.

But sometimes that just happens. Sometimes a piece of clothing grabs you and never lets you go. Friends who are passionate about fashion will understand me. Others will think I need to be committed.

Here’s to 2014 and falling in love again.

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