Outfit Wish

Outfit Wish
These are a few pieces that have been twirling around my head of late that will not leave. I spotted those Valentino shoes in Dublin last week in Brown Thomas and I’m seriously considering robbing a bank to satisfy my craving. T bar shoes were seen stomping around New York and Milan fashion weeks earlier this month and these tick the box. Never mind the delicious hot pink hue that immediately catches your eye or the studded embellishment that would cradle and hug your foot. I then shimmeyed on over to BT2 where I spotted the cobalt blue (big colour this season) faced Michael Kors watch and love it due it not being a plain ole’ gold watch that you seen on dozens of women as it has that colour kick. Now that spring is here, I need to pump some colour back in my drab (black) Winter wardrobe which explains the sunny yellow coat from Zara with zip detail. You couldn’t have a bad day in that baby, it would scream HAPPY everytime is swooshed as you walked. And yes, there’s a pair of black boots slotted in above because well, you can never give up on a good thing. They’re Kurt Geiger and have that padded scuba front detail which I’m seeing alot of at the minute and really likingl. Then there’s the complimentary colour twins: Gold and White. Ultimately chic, white is a key colour for 2014 and gold is it’s party partner. Throw in a fiery orange Marc Jacobs wallet and an ivy green Alice + Olivia bag (I’m definitely dreaming), finishing off your look with black cheery lipstick because well, it wouldn’t be a Róisín outfit without some darkness.

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