Guess & I

I’ve never been bitten by the Guess bug. I associated it for a long time as a sign you had been to America if you owned a Guess bag. J1 students would return from their summers in Cape Cod with Guess buckled bags hanging from their arms. Yummy Mummy’s who flew to New York to shop in Macy’s sported them in the front of their trolleys at the supermarket. Yet I never wanted one. The big G buckle never attracted me and those handbags wouldn’t fit my life in them.

Then, for my 21st birthday, my friends returned from their J1 (San Diego FYI) with a hot pink Guess wallet for me. And I loved it. Small and compact, no big gaudy G sign or buckle to be seen. It was shiny and pretty and I slotted my cards and cash in with great enthusiasm. But it wasn’t to be, and after four months I lost it on a night out.

That was the last Guess item I owned; until last summer. I’m a big black boot fan. Buckles, studs, straps, Velcro straps, gold tap top… gimme them all. I’m currently eyeing up a pair of Kurt Geiger’s and I’ve decided they will be mine by the end of the week. So when I laid my eyes upon a studded thick black boot last summer whilst browsing at TJ Maxx for wall fixtures to decorate my room with, I was surprised yet happy that they were in fact Guess and were a steal at $40! (Good ole’ TJ Maxx. TK Maxx equivalent in Ireland.) They are the sturdiest black boot I have ever owned. They’re comfy and hard wearing, water never creeps in and there’s no G buckle anywhere to be seen (a small GUESS inscription on one of the clasps instead). I’ve had them over the half year mark now and they’re scuffed and beaten from all the wear I’ve given them. But I like that look. I’ve a feeling they’re gonna stay a good while with me yet. They’re that kind of boot friend. Guess & I weren’t friends at first, but we’re together for the long haul now.



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