Why lipstick matters


I’ve started the challenge 30 Days 30 Lipsticks.

A bit of fun to have on Instagram and it also makes me pick my lipstick more carefully when I’m getting ready for the day. And so you ask, who gives a toss what lipstick you wear? It’s only make-up.* Talk about something worthwhile?! Well, I’m actually going to talk about lipstick and it’s direct link to confidence and how the colour lipstick you wear can determine how people perceive you. For example:

  • Red = Power.
  • Light pinks & apricots = pretty & feminine.
  • Dark plums = stylish.

I’ve wrote before how lipstick gives me immediate confidence. I can go out running errands with a slick of MAC Lady Danger and nothing else on my face and I’d feel like I could rule the world. Maybe that’s just me, but I don’t think it is.

The Sunday Times Style Magazine recently reported that Net-A-Porter have discovered 15% of shoe orders on their website are placed with a lipstick. The most popular choice being the Isabel Marant wedge trainer retailing at £440 with the Ilia Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang (£22). Shoes and lipsticks; the power couple. And ladies, we’ve known of this couple for a long time.

Women know that a bold lip can change your attitude for the day. Alexa Chung once said that if you’re tired after a long night (read: hungover) to wear red lipstick because people will look at your lips and not your eyes. Lips attract attention. And you change the type of attention you receive by changing your lip colour. Red is seen as sexy, glossy pinks are seen as playful, nudes are chic.

And the thing is, above all, lipstick is fun. It’s playful and brings us back to the days of our childhood when we played with our Mother’s make-up and got it everywhere but our lips and ended up looking like Ronald McDonald. Most importantly, lipstick makes a woman feel sexy. Hints of old school glamour rise when you apply a red lip when, for a second when the light hits you the right way whilst holding your favourite selfie pose, youcould have been a modern day Marilyn Monroe or Jackie O.

And for those who say “It’s only make-up.”? Yeah. It’s only a billion dollar industry (a billion dollars is SO funny) that has existed since the dawn of time when we had Queen Cleopatra squishing red berries to apply to her lips & charcoal to her eyelids.

So if it’s good enough for Queen Cleo, it’s good enough for me.

Long Live the Lippie.

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