About Me

Róisín Flanagan is a New York based stylist, Fashion Writer and Internationally Acclaimed Blogger.Indo Image 3

She moved to New York in 2012 where she has worked in everything from PR, Marketing, Social Media Management, Styling and Fashion Journalism gaining a huge following through her website http://www.roisinflanagan.com and her Twitter @rositaflangita.

Since moving to New York, Flanagan has worked at New York Fashion Week ’12 for LDJ Productions where she mixed and mingled with Alexa Chung, Bryan Boy and Christina Ricci, interned at popular fashion website RackedNY, been featured as an talented Irish stylist in The Irish Voice newspaper, and works as a contributing fashion writer for the New York Daily News.

Flanagan is also the European and Irish representative for the Young Global Leadership Foundation, a branch formed from the United Nations which caters to the development and encouragement of education amoung the youth of today.

Below is the list of publications and companies Flanagan has contributed to and worked with.

PUBLICATIONS                       COMPANIES

Irish Independent                     eBay

New York Daily News              BooHoo.com

CONFETTI                                  Xpose – TV3

The Dubliner                            Fickle Tattoos

Galway NOW                            Soap & Glory

U Magazine

LOOK Magazine

COMPANY Magazine

Truth In Aging

The Irish Voice

Irish Central


Metro Herald


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kelly Morrison

    Hello Roisin – I am adding your article to the Young Global Leadership’s flagship publication. Great article on the importance of Social Media and I look forward to working with you further regarding Social Media and the Young Global Leadership Foundation (YGL). I have linked your article to our synopsis would you be kind enough to add the YGL’s publication under your list. Thank you, Kelly Morrison, Publisher, CERES HOUSE LLC and official partner/publisher of the Young Global Leadership Foundation.


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