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New York Take II: Brooklyn.

Flew back into New York last week after an 8 month hiatus and I’ve turned into one of those saps that bangs on about the “energy” and the “vibe” that surrounds you around here. But it’s true.

I lived in Queens the first time round, so now I up & moved to Brooklyn in with two designers to see what the story is here. Brooklyn has more bikes and beards, more craft beers & more attitude.

Let the adventure begin.



The bits.


It’s a running joke in our apartment about one of the girls, Dextris, and her getting the chance during the weekend to “Do the bits”. These are not lady bits I’m referring to. Ahem. The bits are food shopping for the week, doing the laundry, tidying your room and the general running of errands. But because we have hectic social lives, the window for doing the bits is very small and is usually means picking doing them over a liquid brunch on a Sunday.

Anyway, aside from all the boring chore like crap of “doing the bits”,  for me it also means catching up on all the cool stuff that’s being happening on the internet while I’ve been at the liquid brunch.

So here’s links to stuff and things that make me happy!

p.s My boohoo.com competition is still running until Saturday! To be in with a chance to win a $100 boohoo gift card click on this link for details



A hilarious Tumblr of cartoons with 99 rapper problems

The most beautiful gold Slim Runway Michael Kors watch

An insight into the fashion world: What Thirteen People Wore to Their Interview With Anna Wintour

A great brunch venue in New York on Park. Unlimited drinks for two hours where the bottles of champagne are left on your table.

Interesting article by New York Times Feature Writer Alex Williams — The End of Courtship

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” is Seinfeld’s online comedy series.  He brings funny people for a drive and they go get coffee. Ricky Gervais features.

boohoo.com competition!


We’re all familiar with boohoo.com by now. Adverts for this fashion clothing company are sprawled across buses and magazines and then there’s the catchy TV jingle that we all mouthed. (“So so so glamorous”.)  It launched in 2006 as a small UK company and has since had massive global success with it currently being the 2nd biggest online retailer in the UK boasting over 1 million fans across their social network platforms and 6,826,080 unique monthly visitors to their site. Impressive stuff.


I’m really excited to say that the lovely press team at boohoo.com have contacted me to offer one of my lucky readers a $100 gift card to spend online at boohoo.com! Not too shabby, plus it’s just in time to get yourself a great Electric Picnic outfit!

So in order to enter this competition, there’s just three things: Follow me on Twitter, Like my Facebook page and then leave your email in the comment box on this blog post! The competition is open until midnight this Saturday (which is 5am Irish time) and the winner will be chosen and notified on Sunday, July 21st.

If anyone has any questions about the competition, feel free to email be at roisinflan [at] gmail.com

Good luck! I can’t enter, I’ve asked!